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Individual Health


Those who want to be happy and healthy!

When you struggle with physical issues and you want a different option than before the Holistic Health Plan is best for you!

Dr. Steph combines Traditional Chinese techniques, Ayurveda, and energy practices to help your body, mind, and spirit heal themselves. 


Clients are taught to listen to their bodies, take control of their health, and regain happiness in their lives.


Click below to begin your custom Holistic Health journey! 

Scheduling a Follow-up?

You know how it feels when nothing you do seems to go right? 


Dr. Steph's Energy Release Therapy finds and eliminates things like frustration, lack of control, and depression that may be holding her clients back from being happy and successful.


Clients are finally able to move forward in life and feel amazing when these cycles, thought processes and blockages are eliminated.  

If you are ready to let go of the past and move forward with your life, click the link below to begin Energy Release Therapy!

Scheduling a Follow-up?

Many people experience life not realizing that most of the issues they face can or could have been prevented had they only known more about themselves. 

Dr. Steph offers a number of classes throughout the year for individuals who are interested in understanding how to best work throughout life and how life works best for them. 

Clients who take these classes are more confident, aligned and happy in their lives. 

Click below to learn more about upcoming classes!

HSA & FSA may be accepted for all or some of the services and classes.

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