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Meet Dr. Stephanie Willis


Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health

Hey y’all, I'm Dr. Steph! Growing up, I found my place in the family by teaching and helping my siblings. As the 7th of 11 siblings, the house always had someone who needed assistance or direction. I found myself being the “go to” sibling for all the issues no one wanted to bring up to mom or dad. 

My earliest memories of energy work start at the age of 5, when I would feel ailments that others had. I didn't understand energy and why I could feel others' pain or know when something was going to happen before it did. But through my studies, I learned that I connect with and help others because everything is connected through energy.


I always loved helping others. Maybe because I’m empathic and as an empath, we like to be around people that are well so that we are not impacted by their energetic imbalances. 


After honorably serving my country in the military, I started focusing on my health so that I could better care for my children and family. It was then that I decided to go to school to become a Traditional Naturopath (TND or ND), a teaching doctor who addresses a person as a whole mind, body and spirit. I learned how to find the root of problems and teach people natural ways to help their bodies heal. I had the choice to have the title of ND or Doctor of Holistic Health. I chose the second title because I know that there are some Medical Naturopaths, which I am not and did not want anyone confused with the two. 


My daughter was one of the 1st people I was able to help. A few years before my clinicals she was diagnosed with schizophrenia. 

During my clinicals I implemented changes like meditations, nutrition adjustments and energy work in her daily routine. Within four months she was completely off one of her two psychotic medications and down to the lowest dose of the other medication. She was back to her bubbly, fun loving self. It has been years since then and she has never had another psychotic break or needed to go back on any of the medications. Because her physiatrists, psychologist and medical doctors were open to her holistic health adjustments she was able to help her body naturally heal. 

I believe "It takes a village to keep a person healthy!"

In school I learned about the most common physical and mental issues people experience. I was trained in Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic techniques and how to listen to and look at our bodies to know exactly what is wrong with us. I am blessed to be able to teach my clients these things so that they can take charge of their own health. When we make natural changes in our lives our bodies are able to heal themselves better than pills, supplements and medical procedures. When we understand energy, we can correct energetic imbalances that cause physical, mental and emotional issues that prevent us from living and creating the legacy we desire.

I am a teacher and’s who I’ve always been! I am creating my legacy naturally through each of my clients and am blessed to teach you how to live your best holistic life too!

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Certificates and License

Board Certified Doctor of Holistic Health

Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Board Certified Natural Wellness Practitioner

Certified Mindfulness Meditation Instructor

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Natural Health Professional

Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

Certified Emotional Wellbeing Coach

Certified ShapeReClaimed Practitioner

Prepare/ Enrich Couples and Marriage Facilitator

Licensed and Ordained Non-Denominational Minister

Professional Affiliations

American Association of Drugless Practitioners
Board Certification Holistic Doctor in Gwinnett County
Trinity School of Natural Health
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