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Our Purpose

"A Pivot to Wellness… a place where all are accepted and empowerment is projected." -Dr. Steph

Core Values

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Individual & Family Mission

Provide holistic training, support and guidance to individuals and families so that they can create their legacy naturally.


Complete transparency. Dr. Steph is a licensed and board certified Doctor of Holistic Health. She teaches and provides guidance in natural and holistic health care. She works with but is not a medical provider who diagnoses, treats or cures. 
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Life isn’t meant to be lived and experienced alone. Dr. Steph takes pride in offering group services that are inclusive to the community, improve relationships, increase awareness and accept differences within humanity.


Everyone is welcome to show up “just as you are!” Dr. Steph loves that everyone is perfectly imperfect. She acknowledges and meets you wherever you may be in your wellness journey.
Mother and Daughter
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