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Who I Am!

Your starting point to wellness!

Many people struggle with balancing physical, mental, and emotional issues in life.

This includes all types of issues, some of the most common include; work, family and marriage issues, illness, pain, stress, weight issues, lack of focus, and fatigue. 

Dr. Steph has helped many overcome all these issues and more by establishing a basic health foundation.

This foundation defines who you truly are and helps you understand why you feel and act the way you do and why you have certain health problems.

Once you begin implementing these health foundations, your life can begin to change and improve almost immediately. 

Our fun and interactive 1-day, 7-hour, in-person class teaches these basic health foundations.

This class will allow you to begin reducing physical, mental and emotional issues, reconnect with your purpose, improve self-worth, find inner peace, and obtain happiness.

Many people find that this class is just what they need to get back on track and once again enjoy their life's journey. 

After taking the class, people who want more help can work one-on-one with Dr. Steph to make a custom health plan to help them reach specific health and life goals.

Choose a date and time below to reserve your seat today!

Who I Am

1hr • $11

Tuesday, May 9

Israel Daylight Time (GMT +3) 

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