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Creating a happy and healthy legacy!

Our children are the most important people in our lives and when hereditary issues and generational cycles affect us, we want to shield them from these things as much as possible so that they do not affect them.


Dr. Steph's Energy Release Therapy finds and eliminates root causes in hereditary issues and generational cycles so that current and future generations can live without these issues.


Families can strengthen their genealogy, validate the decision to grow their family and live a more fulfilling life once they go through this process.

If you are ready to set your family free of hereditary issues and generational cycles, click the link below to begin Energy Release Therapy!

When you want to do all you can for your family but don't know where to start, Dr. Steph's health and wellness classes can help you find the right path for your family.


Families who attend these classes learn about health fundamentals that are more than just exercise and nutrition. Classes bring families closer by providing space for communication and learning as a whole. Parents are also able to meet other families with common goals and intentions. 

To find the path for your family, click the link below to learn more about upcoming classes!

HSA & FSA may be accepted for all or some of the services and classes.

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