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Increase employee productivity, health and wellness while boosting your business's bottom line!

Energy Release Therapy

When you're struggling to grow your business, Energy Release Therapy can help! 


Dr. Steph created this therapy to find and eliminate the blockages in your life that are preventing your business from growing. Things like self-sabotage, frustration, micromanaging, and financial worries can all be eliminated. 


Business owners are able to grow their business bottom line faster and easier once they have completed their sessions.  

If you are ready to let go of your struggle and grow your business, click the link below to begin Energy Release Therapy!


Many business owners are excited to hire employees and grow their business. But retaining the best employees for the company can sometimes be a challenge.

Many of these challenges can be addressed through 3 private classes Dr. Steph offers to businesses.

All business classes are customized to increase employee retention and business production.

The Health Elements class is best for business owners, managers, senior staff, HR and sales teams. To learn how to identify their best employees and clients.   

The Health Foundations 101 class is a perfect way to incorporate health and wellness into your business


Mindfulness Meditation class is perfect for all employees and increases focus and production while decreasing stress and anxiety at work. 

An additional benefit is that all classes can be used as a tax write off. 

Click HERE to learn more about these classes! 

If you'd like to keep your best employees and increase your bottom line, email us to schedule one of these classes at your business.

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