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Happy National Puppy Day!

Ok, technically my puppy Mellow, is 18 months old which I believe in dog years is no longer considered a puppy. But I’m not really ready to move on from this label just yet.

A quick google search of “Benefits of a pet” will bring up study after study showing how beneficial having a pet is for us. Some of the most frequently found benefits included:

● Unconditional love and emotional support

● Lowered blood pressure

● Reduced stress, anxiety and muscle tension

● Decrease in psychological recovery time

● Increased mobility

● Increased happiness, cognitive function and social interaction

One study even said that having a pet can make someone more attractive… Anyone looking to up their dating techniques?

With all these wonderful benefits pets offer to us it’s no wonder we want to love them so much.

But their unconditional love for us comes at a price to them. They absorb so much of our energy to make us loved and happy. This can be overwhelming and impact their own personality, health and feelings.

When Mellow was about 5 months old he started hating to be brushed. I ended up getting a muzzle for him so that he didn’t nip at the hairbrush or accidentally nip me. This only increased his anxiety. I felt so horrible that this wonderful calming experience was going so wrong. I was feeling nervous and hesitant whenever I needed to brush him.

I didn’t know that my nervousness and hesitation directly impacted Mellow which made things worse. He ended up on medication and going to a groomer for regular maintenance.

About a month later, I learned through my certification, as an Emotion Code Practitioner, that much of our emotions are picked up and absorbed by our pets and that these emotions or energy could be released. I was beyond thrilled to know that there was a possibility to get back to enjoying our brushing time. After two emotion code sessions, one for Mellow and one for myself, we got back to our normal routine.

I was so excited about how easy and quick it was for these changes to be made. Not to mention the money that I saved in medication and grooming fees. I told all my friends and family about this success. A few days later, my friend told me that their cats would hide whenever they had visitors. They asked if I could try an Emotion Code session with their cats.

I said “Sure!” and completed a session that afternoon. That night my friend had a visitor come by and 5 minutes later one of the two cats came into the room with everyone else and the other came to the top of the stairs.

The visitor was so impressed they asked for my information for their family pig. They had a vet come out a couple weeks prior to that to clip the hooves. When the pig woke, it had a horrible limp and could hardly walk. I came to visit the pig and did an Emotion Code season and balanced his aura. We stood the pig back up and he was able to put pressure back on his hoof. Within minutes he was back walking around.

I have done many Emotion Code sessions with pets since then. One thing I never forget is that our pets experience feelings and emotions just like we do if not more. Give some extra love’n to your fur family member today in honor of National Puppy day.

The next time your four legged family member is in pain or acting differently an Emotion Code session may be the only thing they need to be happy and healthy again. If you or your fur family member could experience some relief book an Emotion Code session with me today!


Steph & Mellow

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