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Individual Wellness Plan

Updated: Mar 25, 2022

My definition of Holistic or Natural Health is “the guidance of daily practices to obtain

or maintain a healthy livelihood.” In order to maintain or obtain a healthy livelihood you

have to focus on you as a whole. Mind, Body and Soul/ Spirit. The individualized

wellness plan covers each of these areas and marks the starting point of where I join you

on your life path.


Prior to this initial meeting you receive a comprehensive form to complete, reviewing

your life journey physically, mentally and spiritually. This form will need to be

submitted 24 hours prior to our meeting so that I have a good understanding of your life

journey. This way I can spend the time in our meeting focusing on your goals and needs

in life.

The Plan

This initial meeting lasts 1 1⁄2 - 2 hours with the goal to get to the root of things that are

preventing you from getting to where you want to be. I use a number of methods to

support recommendations for your individual wellness plan.

To obtain a proper pH test upon arrival, I ask that nothing is eaten 2 hours prior to the

appointment and no liquids 30 minutes before.

Because of fasting and the length of the appointment, you can bring a snack and I

provide bottled spring water during the session.

Your body knows exactly what is going on with you and communicates those things to

you in many ways. For thousands of years people have been using techniques to

understand what the body is communicating. Once this communication is understood,

adjustments in daily life are made to allow the body to naturally heal and maintain a

happy and healthy life.

During the appointment I will assess your facial, tongue, nail and iris findings. I will

explain to you what these things can possibly mean and how they relate to your goals

and needs.

I will discuss 9 foundations of health, which ones are being followed and which

foundations need adjustments. Then a number of natural and holistic options will be

provided that can help you obtain the goals you want to achieve physically, mentally and


Your individual wellness plan is then created when you choose which of these options

you want to take so that your body and life can naturally heal and change to where you

want to be.


The appointment will end by setting up your follow-up session which can be 1-10 days

after your initial appointment.

Individualized wellness plans have been used with clients of all ages looking for natural

and holistic ways to address; medical and mental diagnosis, aches and pains, weight

loss, medication reduction, financial limitations, fears and phobias, life purpose, fertility

issues, allergies, menopause and many other issues.

It Takes a Village

As a Board Certified Natural Wellness Practitioner I do not diagnose, treat, or prevent

disease. I teach and guide in natural and holistic living.

This service is designed to support (not replace) the relationship you have with your

medical provider. Medical providers and I love working together and they love to know

you are taking steps to naturally improve your life. Always consult with your licensed

medical provider before beginning any health care regimen. You should always discuss

any changes in your medical programs, surgeries, prescription drugs, or medical

processes with your medical doctor before discontinuing their advice or beginning any

supplement regimen.

Take the next step to live the life you want. Click here and Book Your Individual Wellness Appointment today!



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