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Gratitude Checkout

Dr. Steph offeres classes and services in exchange for Gratitude! 

When I was 5, I experienced what is know to the Christian religion as "The Holy Spirit" and started speaking in tongues. I had no idea what it was. Only that I felt like I was going to burst from my heart with love and joy and I couldn't stop these weird sounds coming from my mouth for almost 3 hours!

From that day forward people and things in my life started changing. If a stranger passed by I might feel pain in their stomach, back or other area of their body. I would want to reach out to them and take the pain away. I could walk by a couple and would tell them "I'm sorry you're getting a divorce." It happened so often I just thought it was something everyone did or knew. 

I liked talking to people about what they were feeling or going through and knowing how to help them. I quickly realized I was different and what I did scared some people while it drew others to me for help. I didn't pay for these abilities. I was just doing what came natural to me and I wanted to do more!


I became a Doctor of Holistic Health so that I can continue to help people by teaching them how to use everyday things to help them continue to be healthy and balanced, mind, body and spirit. I believe these practices should be offered in exchange for an act of Gratitude. 

I also know these subtle changes in peoples lives will dramatically improve lives, help the body and mind to heal and break generational cycles. 

Yes, I know that I could charge hundreds and thousands of dollars for my services and classes but that would limit my ability to only help those who can monetarily afford it. 

So I am offering all of my services and classes in exchange for Gratitude through June 1st 2023. I trust and believe that the result of this type of "payment" will be so great that I will be able to continue to offer my classes and services in this manner.  After your service or class you will receive a Gratitude Checkout. Where you decide from 15 different options on how you want to show your gratitude. Like contributing monetarily, volunteering somewhere locally, sharing your experience on social outlets and more. 

I am so grateful that you have found my site and will find what you need from my services and classes. You are exactly where you need to be! 


Dr. Steph


Gratitude Checkout
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