Briana Hickson
Marketing Manager

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My Story

Hey there! I’m Briana, and I serve as the Marketing Manager for A Pivot to Wellness. I am also recent college graduate receiving my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Media. While working at A Pivot to Wellness manage the website, the social media, and the promotional material.

My Wellness journey actually began in college! Like most college students, school left me feeling constantly stressed and didn’t always know how to manage all of my emotions. I found out that our campus had evening yoga classes that I could attend and it left me feeling relaxed and refreshed. Sadly I moved off campus the following year, but I still practice yoga (with the help of my trusty friend Youtube).

The pandemic also brought mental health to the forefront for a lot of people, me included. As an introvert the pandemic didn’t start off so bad, because I normally liked to keep to myself. However, after 2 months of being stuck in the house with family and online classes I started to feel like I was going crazy, it also make me more aware of all the emotions I was feeling.

As if by fate, a special topics class opened up my final semester, and it was a mediation and wellness course! I learned about different types of mediation and how the mind and body work in alignment. It was my first real introduction into wellness and it left me wanting to know more.

I can’t wait to meet you all as we learn more about ourselves on this journey to wellness!